Indoor mold can cause or exacerbate health issues for some people. Your habits may create an environment that is conducive to mold growth. Here are eight things that contribute to mold in your home.

1. Mold in the Home Comes From a Poor Cleaning Schedule

Your HVAC system filters contaminants from the air. If the filters are dirty or clogged, the pollutants will settle on your furniture, countertops, and floors. Change or clean your HVAC filter as recommended. Keep your home as clean as possible to prevent mold from spreading. Launder bedding and draperies regularly. Vacuum with a machine that uses a HEPA filter.

2. Leaks Can Cause Mold in Your Home

If you have pipes that drip, leaky toilets, or other plumbing issues where water is leaking, you’re allowing an environment that is perfect for mold.

Roof leaks are another common problem that contributes to mold in your home. Have your roof inspected annually and clean the gutters twice a year. Check the attic for signs of water damage like dark stains or damp insulation.

3. Humid Interior Spaces

Some homes have more moisture in the air than others. This can be due to the climate or because of daily activities like cooking and showering. A dehumidifier will help manage the humidity indoors.

4. Mold in Your Home Could be Due to Inadequate Ventilation

Moisture in the air is common in bathrooms and kitchens. Use the ventilation fans in your bathroom and kitchen to draw moisture out of the home when cooking or bathing. Make sure that your vents lead to the outdoors and not into the attic.

5. Improper Storage Can Contribute to Mold Growth

If you use cardboard boxes for storage, periodically check them to make sure that they’re dry. Boxes stored in damp basements or humid attics are perfect for harboring mold growth. Storing freshly cut firewood inside your home or even in your garage is never a good idea. Damp wood provides another place for mold to grow.

6. Wet Laundry Contributes to Mold in Your Home

It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold spores to grow.  If damp clothing, towels, or other fabrics are left lying around, mold will grow in the laundry. Have your family members hang up damp towels and clothing outside or toss them in the dryer immediately.

7. Neglecting Spills

Don’t neglect to clean water puddles and spills from your floor. Plain water seems harmless, but it can seep into your carpet padding and contribute to mold growth. Wipe up any spills immediately and mop up puddles after bathing or showering.

8. Overwatering Houseplants

If you have houseplants, learn about their exact water requirements. Mold can be caused by well-meaning family members who overwater houseplants. It will grow in the soil and can affect the indoor air.

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