As a homeowner, you are responsible for your property. Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your home in great shape. One of the most costly and important components of a house is the roof. Depending on the material, a roof can last 20 years or longer with proper maintenance and care. With time, however, getting a new roof is inevitable, especially as your home ages. Pay attention to these signs you need a new roof to determine when it’s time for a replacement.

Seeing Daylight in the Attic is One of the Signs You Need a New Roof

Seeing daylight through your roof is never good. Rays of sunlight that appear through holes or cracks in your roof are signs that you need a new roof soon. If you can see sunlight through holes in your roofing, rain and other elements can enter your home too. This leaves your home susceptible to water leaks which can cause structural damage, mold growth, and termite infestation.

The Age of Your Roof

How old is your roof? If your roof is approaching 20 years old, it needs a thorough inspection. The life expectancy of a roof can be extended if it is well-maintained, but no roof will last forever. Generally, it is wise to replace a roof that is older than 20 years. As a roof deteriorates, utility bills may increase because the home becomes less efficient.

Damaged Roof Valleys and Flashing

The roof valleys are the places where the sloping sides of your roof meet. This part of your roof is more likely to sustain damage than other parts. Rain and melting snow flow through these valleys. Roof valleys can weaken over time due to severe weather.

If you have a chimney, it’s likely that the chimney has flashing installed around the bottom. Tar or cement flashing is more vulnerable to water damage. If you currently have this type of flashing, consider replacing it with metal flashing. Look for these signs that you need a new roof in the roof valleys and the flashing.

Water Damage Means You Need a New Roof

If your roof has water damage, you may notice sagging areas and dark stains. Other signs of water intrusion are a leaking roof and noticeable dark spots in the attic. You may also smell a pungent, musty odor, which is a sign of mold.

Persistent Problems are Signs You Need a New Roof

Over time, your roof may sustain damages as it protects your home. Minor roof problems are common. Severe weather, tree limbs, and even animals can cause issues with your roofing.

An asphalt or wooden roof is prone to rot or mold. Shingles or roofing tiles can be damaged or missing. Birds or squirrels may nest in part of your roof. Roof repairs are an option for minor damage or a few missing shingles, but persistent or recurring issues are signs you need a new roof.

If you notice any of these signs of roof damage, it may be time to have your roof replaced. Contact a professional home inspector to assess the condition and to get advice about a roof replacement.

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