The relationship between insulation and ventilation is important because it affects how energy-efficient your home is throughout the year. High-performance insulation is vital when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. Without properly installed insulation, warmed or cooled air will escape. If a building has been insulated poorly, it leaves you and your home vulnerable to the elements

Let’s look at the home insulation and ventilation connection. We’ll discuss the way ventilation plays a role when it comes to how well your insulation functions.

The Home Insulation and Ventilation Connection

Ventilating the attic is especially important when you live in an area with typically high temperatures.

Ventilation allows excess heat to escape from the inside of the home. Without it, the interior gets too hot, causing a strain on your air conditioner unit. With proper ventilation, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Hot air rises and ventilation helps to keep the inside of the home cooler when this air is released through the attic vents.

The second reason for ventilation is to reduce moisture inside the house. Condensation issues occur when too much moisture builds up in your home. Humidity contributes to mold growth and damages the insulation. An attic that is well-ventilated allows for good circulation and the release of moisture.

Natural Ventilation Helps Insulation Perform Well

Any discussion around home insulation and ventilation should take into account natural ventilation. That’s because natural ventilation doesn’t require any special design elements. In this case, ventilation occurs by what is called the “chimney effect.” This is the process of using the wind’s natural movement for airflow.

Compared to other insulation-related renovations, one of the easiest things to upgrade is the size of the vent opening. The amount of ventilation in your home is dependent on the size of the opening and the amount of wind movement. The following tips will help ensure you always have the proper room for natural ventilation.

  • When remodeling, don’t block any original ventilation spaces inside the property.
  • Don’t permanently close or fill your ventilation spaces.
  • If you do need to close a vent for a small amount of time, make sure you reopen any vents as soon as possible.

Power Ventilation

If you can’t make use of natural ventilation, power ventilation is an option. Use a fan to circulate air. Make sure to provide outlets for air to escape.

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