When you’re building a new home, make a list of the must-have features. You may need a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Next, write down the things that you would like to have but do not necessarily need, like walk-in closets and a home theater. Simple conveniences and unique luxuries make the home more comfortable and add resale value to it. Here are a few features to consider when building a new home.

1. Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

Heating and cooling your house will be one of your biggest expenses, but there are ways to keep your energy bill in check. Thick insulation and double-paned windows help, as will a zoned HVAC unit. This type of system is installed so that the air can be turned off in individual rooms, which means you do not have to heat rooms that are not in use. If you have guests, simply turn on that zone. This feature can save you money by reducing your overall energy usage.

2. Features for Your New Home: Smart Thermostat

If you are building a small house, a zoned HVAC unit may not be practical. A smart thermostat can manage your heating and cooling system to save energy. Smart thermostats can be set to lower the temperature during specific times of the day. For improved energy-efficiency, install the device on an interior wall, away from drafty windows and direct sunlight.

3. Indoor Fire Sprinkler System

Some safety features for your new home may reduce your home insurance premium. Of course, you’ll install smoke detectors in your house. Consider installing an indoor sprinkler system, too. Once a sensor detects the hot air, the sprinkler will activate in that area. Modern systems allow only the sensor that detects the flame to activate. You won’t have to worry about triggering the entire system and flooding the home. In fact, false alarms with sprinklers are very rare. A sprinkler system provides time to escape in case of fire and can prevent widespread damage. Fire safety measures are an investment that has more than monetary value.

4. Bathroom in the Garage

A full bathroom in the garage can save wear and tear on your carpet and walls. If you have a mechanic, gardener, or painter in your household, the garage bathroom will come in handy. Motor oils, dirt, and other residues will not be carried into the house. You can clean up at the garage sink.

5. Extra Outlets

Most households have a lot of cell phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions. All of these appliances require power. Installing extra outlets eliminates the need to run extension cords. Additional outlets are handy in the kitchen for small appliances, and living rooms require them for busy entertainment centers, lamps, and holiday lights.

6. Green Features for Your New Home

It is not hard to find eco-friendly building materials. If you want to lower your impact on the environment, build with wood harvested from managed forests, recycled plastics, and natural flooring materials. Solar panels are another green option. The setup can be small enough to heat a water heater or large enough to power the entire home.

Planning and building a new house is a rewarding process.  By incorporating unique features into the build, you will customize your house for your family’s needs.

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