Is it really necessary to get a home inspection on new construction? You might not think inspecting a brand new house makes sense. After all, the materials are new and there is no wear and tear. However, there are many reasons why hiring an inspector for new construction is a good idea. 

New Homes Still Have Problems

Things can go wrong when your brand new home is being constructed. Even homes built by the most conscientious builders may come with defects in materials or craftsmanship. You don’t want to find out about these issues too late and then be responsible for the repairs.

Here are some issues that new construction may have:

  • Improperly installed siding
  • Broken roof trusses 
  • Missing insulation
  • Ventilation in crawlspaces installed improperly
  • Mechanical rooms built to the wrong size specs
  • Recessed lighting without insulation

A Code Inspection is Different Than a Home Inspection on New Construction

All new buildings must have a municipal inspector check for code compliance and issue a certificate of occupancy. This isn’t the same type of inspection that an independent home inspector provides. Checking for code compliance is minimal compared to a full inspection.

A home inspection on new construction is a comprehensive home inspection that examines and reports on all accessible features and components of the house. You can’t rely on the code inspection to give you the same information. 

Did Your Builder Hire Subcontractors?

You might completely trust your builder and forgo a new construction inspection. However, most people don’t realize that new home builders subcontract some or all of the work to other contractors. This means there are many different teams of people working on the various components of your home.

When multiple components are being worked on simultaneously, it is unlikely that your general contractor will be able to oversee it all. A builder who subcontracts may not catch defects or poor craftsmanship during the construction process.

Invest in a home inspection on new construction. By having this service performed, you can identify any issues and have them fixed by your builder before you move into the home.

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