The fall months offer an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s exterior before winter arrives. Improving fall curb appeal is an inexpensive and easy way to make the property look better and, in the process, improve its marketability when selling the home. Below are a few tips to boost curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Boost Fall Curb Appeal by Improving the Lawn

Lawn and garden care are essential for improving your home’s curb appeal. Mow the grass regularly and rake the fall leaves. Pull weeds in the lawn, flower beds, and garden to prevent them from spreading. Prevent brown spots on the lawn by keeping the grass watered and clearing dead leaves away. Create a schedule for these tasks to make the upkeep manageable.

Update the Home’s Exterior to Boost Fall Curb Appeal

During the fall months, your home’s exterior is more exposed because the trees gradually lose all their leaves. Pressure wash the siding and make sure the windows are clean to keep the outside of the property looking attractive and cared-for. As you clean, inspect the home’s exterior for signs of damage. If, for example, there are areas where the paint is fading or chipping, apply a fresh coat of high-quality paint.

Make the Front Door Stand Out

A home’s front door is one of the first things a visitor will notice. Make the door attractive and welcoming with new paint. The project typically costs less than $100, yet is a great way to improve the property’s curb appeal. Choose a color that complements the rest of your home’s exterior, and don’t be afraid to go bold.

Improve Exterior Lighting

If they haven’t been cleaned in a while, your home’s exterior light fixtures are probably dirty and covered with dust, dead bugs, and spiderwebs. Remove the globes and use a glass cleaner to clean them properly.

Consider installing more exterior lights. Walkway lighting and motion-sensing floodlights are great options. Another way to make the entrance look more attractive at night is to install solar-powered stake lights along the pathway to the door.

Boost Fall Curb Appeal with a Mailbox Update

Sprucing up the mailbox is another affordable and easy way to improve your home’s curb appeal. If the mailbox has seen better days, replace it with a new, modern one. Purchase a new mailbox at a hardware or home improvement store.

If your mailbox is still in good condition, apply a fresh coat of paint. Plant annual-blooming flowers at the base of the mailbox post to add color and charm.

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