Summer is over, and if you enjoyed your garden, you may be feeling disappointed that the season has ended. However, you don’t have to stop gardening when the weather changes. Because the soil is warm from summer and the days are mild, there are trees, shrubs, and bulbs you can plant in the fall.

Plant Vegetables in the Fall

It’s too late to start a veggie garden from seed, but if your local garden center has frost-resistant varieties of plant starts, you can still grow a few vegetables that thrive in cooler weather. Lettuces and greens like spinach and chard grow quickly and can be planted in containers. If the temperatures get too cold, be sure to bring them inside at night.

Other container plants include radishes and smaller varieties of carrots. In the garden, you can start onions and garlic that need the winter cold to trigger their growth.

Add Trees to Your Landscape

Fall is a perfect time to plant trees because the cooler air temperatures slow the growth of leaves and branches, so the plant can focus on developing strong roots. The warm soil combined with more rain in the fall means that your newly planted trees will get a strong start on your property. You can plant trees until the ground freezes.

Divide Perennials

If you’re growing perennial plants in your yard, fall is a good time to divide and plant them throughout your landscaping. Plants like hosta, daylilies, aster, and phlox are some that should be divided to keep them healthy.

Carefully dig up the plant and divide it into smaller sections. Once you’ve split up and planted the perennials, protect them with a good organic mulch, and water them well until the first frost.

Plant Bulbs for Spring in the Fall

In the fall, plant flower bulbs that will bloom in the spring. Some commonly available flowering bulbs include lilies, daffodils and narcissus, crocus, and tulips. Most bulbs can be planted in the fall until the ground freezes and should be placed in an area that gets full sun.

You can still continue to work in the garden into the fall season. Water your new plantings well. Because the temperatures will drop, make sure to mulch your garden. Perennials, bulbs, and young trees will grow stronger and healthier when their roots are protected through the cold winter.

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