Summer is a good time to focus on outdoor home maintenance tasks. Try to get work done outside in the early morning or the evening hours instead of the hottest part of the day. Here are 6 ways to improve curb appeal and keep up your home’s exterior during the summer.

Outdoor Home Maintenance for the Lawn

Mowing the lawn may seem like an obvious tip, but the grass grows quickly in the summer. Afternoon rainstorms and longer days help the lawn and garden flourish. You might even find yourself mowing the lawn more than once a week. Your yard may also have weeds that need to be removed. If tending to your yard is too much work, hire a professional lawn service to maintain it for you.

Trim Back Trees

Like grass and weeds, trees also grow rapidly in the summer. Branches grow heavy with leaves and hang lower than usual. If these branches are over your roof or touching your siding, they can damage your home. Trim back trees in the summer to prevent this from happening. You’ll need to hire a tree service to cut back large trees but can prune smaller ones yourself.

Pressure Wash Siding

Summer is a good time to wash your home’s siding. Rent a pressure washer to effectively remove dirt, mildew, and other grime from siding to take years off the appearance of your home. Spray off decks, patios, and porches while you have the machine.

Outdoor Home Maintenance for Pavement Cracks

During cold weather, water gets in pavement cracks and freezes, making them larger. Prevent this from happening in the winter by filling in pavement cracks in the summer. Inspect the driveway and pathways for cracks and holes and apply filler using a caulking gun. Once you have filled all the cracks, re-seal the driveway.

Painting Shutters and the Front Door

Window shutters and the front door offer some complementary color to your home’s exterior. Over time, the color fades. Repaint the shutters and door to brighten them up or choose a new color entirely. If your siding is brick, stone, or a neutral shade of paint, choose a bold hue like blue or red for these features.

Clean the Mailbox

Many homeowners overlook their mailboxes and don’t consider it an aesthetic feature. However, the mailbox is the part of your property that is closest to the street. A mailbox covered with dirt and mildew is unsightly. Clean your mailbox off and paint it an attractive color. Plant flowers around its base and make a border out of rocks.

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