Moving can be a stressful time for families. In addition to packing up your belongings and moving to a new address, there are people and places to notify when you move. From friends and family to the post office and DMV, here is a comprehensive list of everyone to contact about your change of address.

Notify the Post Office

The first place to notify of your move is the post office. Let them know as soon as possible so that the post office will forward your mail to the new address. When done promptly, you’ll never miss a delivery.

IRS (The Internal Revenue Service)

Like it or not, the Internal Revenue Service needs to know where you live. They have made the process of updating your address simple with the 8822 form. Complete and submit the form shortly before or after your move.

DMV (The Department of Motor Vehicles)

Another government entity to keep in the loop about your latest address is the DMV. To see how to update your address, check the DMV website for instructions in your particular state. Most states will allow you to update your address online without having to visit the DMV office in person.

Change Your Voter Registration

When you move to a new address, you may also need to register to vote in a different district. Check with your new district about your registration options, and do this early to ensure that you are eligible to vote.

Update Utility Providers

While you are preparing for your move, make a list of all the utility providers you use around the house. Contact each of them to schedule your utilities to be cut off on the day or day after you move out. Then, schedule them to be turned on at your new address a day or two before you move in so that you don’t end up moving into a house without water or electricity.

Here is a quick list of utilities that you may need to contact ahead of your move:

  • Electricity provider
  • Sewer
  • Natural gas
  • Internet provider
  • Water
  • Propane
  • Phone
  • Satellite or cable company
  • Home security system
  • Waste disposal

Notify Financial Institutions When You Move

Make sure that your bank is aware of your move and updates your address for future statements. Contact all lenders and credit card companies as well.

Medical Contacts

When you are moving, check with your medical providers to see if you can get your records transferred to the new practice. Notify your primary doctor, pediatrician, dentist, chiropractor, pharmacy, veterinarian, and any specialists you see regularly.

Health Insurance Providers

Get in contact with your homeowners insurance provider to secure coverage for your new address. Notify your life, dental, and health insurance companies about your new address.

Notify Your Child’s School When You Move

If you are moving to a new school district, remember to tell both schools that your child will be moving so that they can settle in quickly and easily.

Notify Friends and Family When You Move

Last but not least, notify your friends and family when you move. This step is important for social events, invitations, holiday cards, and in the case of an emergency.

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