During times of uncertainty and economic distress, crime and break-ins go up. Regardless of where you live, your home is always at risk. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to improve your home security.

Keep Your Valuable Items Out of Plain Sight

Being discreet is key to avoid becoming a victim of burglary. If you own a nice television, it’s wise to keep the curtains drawn in the evening. Park your vehicles in the garage. After buying a new expensive item, don’t leave the box near the street for all to see.

Lock Your Doors to Improve Your Home Security

You may be tempted to hide a spare key outside of your home. However, burglars know all the likely hiding places. With technological advances, you are better off using a modern smart lock. You can either unlock your smart lock with a key or with a secure access code. With this type of lock, it’s simple to share access with friends and family remotely, and then change the code.

Don’t Let Burglars Know You Are Gone

Though it may require enlisting some help, it’s important to keep your home looking occupied while you are gone. Before leaving for an extended trip, ask friends or neighbors to collect mail for you. Burglars may also notice if a car remains unmoved for an extended period. Before leaving, install a light timer to maintain a lived-in look.

During this era of social networking, people tend to share many personal details online. It’s not wise to tell the world about an upcoming trip or vacation. This type of information should be reserved for close family or friends.

Don’t Conceal Your Home

It might make you feel secure to conceal your home with hedges and privacy fences. However, too much privacy can come at a cost. If your neighbors notice suspicious activities on your property, they can contact the police. Hedges and fencing can make it easier for burglars to sneak in unseen.

Improve Your Home Security on Upper Floors

People often forget to secure their upper floors. Burglars are willing and able to access second-floor windows. To protect your valuables and your life, make sure every door and window is secured.

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