One responsibility that comes with being a property owner is scheduling home maintenance services to keep your home in prime condition. Don’t skip these regular home maintenance tasks, because problems that go unchecked often cost far more in the long run.

1. Cleaning and Touching up the Exterior

Cleaning the exterior keeps your home looking good and improves curb appeal. Pressure wash the siding every 1-2 years to keep grime from building up and damaging surfaces over time. While you could rent a power washer and do this yourself, you’re better off hiring an experienced professional who won’t damage your siding. Once your home’s exterior has been cleaned, hire a painter to touch up any worn spots or chips in the paint.

2. Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty air ducts cause issues like musty smells and aggravated allergy symptoms. Dusty air ducts also compromise the performance of your air conditioner and heater. Schedule a professional air duct cleaning service every 2-5 years in order to improve your indoor air quality.

3. Air Conditioner Servicing

Schedule an appointment for your air conditioning unit to be professionally checked, cleaned, and serviced once each spring. Your AC unit is one of the appliances in your home that sees frequent use and needs regular maintenance to continue working optimally. In between your yearly air conditioning maintenance appointments, change your AC filter every 1-2 months or as specified by the manufacturer of your unit.

4. Gutter Cleaning is an Important Home Maintenance Service

Clogged gutters cause problems for homeowners such as the increased likelihood of mold growth and termite infestations. You can clean your gutters yourself, but you might want to hire a professional while scheduling your other home maintenance services.  Most gutter cleaning companies have equipment like specialized vacuums to keep your gutters performing their best. Clean your gutters twice a year, at minimum.

Stay on Top of Home Maintenance Services

While it might be tempting to let certain maintenance tasks fall by the wayside, regularly perform or schedule home maintenance services to keep your home in peak condition for many years to come.

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