Make improvements to your home to increase its value and create more comfortable living spaces. If you have a day or a weekend to spare, you can complete one of these projects. Most of them require basic tools and supplies that are available at local hardware stores. Here are a few easy home renovations you can tackle this summer.

Update the Bathroom

There are a few DIY tasks to easily update a bathroom. If your vanity has handles, switch them out to a sleek new style. If you want to add pulls, there are kits available that come with templates to mark where to drill. While adding or swapping out hardware, replace the towel bars to complement the handles. These are simple updates that add function and style.

To add a dramatic effect, frame the mirror. Visit the trim aisle at the local lumber store, and purchase enough board to surround the mirror. If needed, paint the trim and stick it to the mirror with Liquid Nails adhesive.

Replace Ceiling Fan Blades

Changing the blades on a ceiling fan can instantly make a room feel rustic, industrial, or modern, depending on the style you choose. One option is to purchase solid color blades and paint them for a truly custom feel. Before working on the fan, wipe down the fixture to remove dust and debris from the blades. Remove the existing blades and measure them to be sure the replacements will fit.

Easy Home Renovations: Adding a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom is inexpensive and adds detail to the room. For an easy but effective project, cover the wall space behind the stove. Before starting, thoroughly wash and de-grease the area.

You can make a backsplash out of tile, metal, natural stone, or nearly any material. Manufacturers even create stick-on backsplashes that you simply peel and press to the wall. They are available in a variety of colors and textures, including ones that mimic stone, marble, and painted tiles.

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting just one wall in a room adds depth and interest. This project is not complicated, but it does take some prep work. Clear the space around and on the wall. Cover the flooring and nearby furniture. To keep the paint from bleeding on the other walls, mask them off with painter’s tape. This tape peels off the wall without removing any existing paint, and it leaves a sharp finish.

To make sure you get a clean edge, press the tape down firmly with a putty knife. Take your time doing this so that you do not have to come back and fix any mistakes. Before removing the tape, run the putty spatula down the painted edge. This will cut any paint that dried on the tape, leaving a straight line. Make sure your new paint color is completely dry before removing the masking tape.

Easy Home Renovations on the Front Porch

Improving the front porch will help boost the curb appeal of your home. To make guests feel welcome, wash the sidewalk, porch, and door. Add or replace the welcome mat. If you have enough room, place colorful flower pots on the stoop or along the walkway. Make sure there is plenty of light: wash the exterior lighting fixture’s glass and check the bulb. To better illuminate the area, line the front path with freestanding solar lights.

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