A disorganized house that’s full of stuff makes everyday life more difficult because it’s hard to clean and to find things. Declutter your home with these tips so you can live in a more comfortable space.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items When You Declutter Your Home

First, choose a room or part of a room to focus on. Tackling your decluttering project one bit at a time will make organizing the whole house much more manageable.

Clear everything out of the space and sort it into piles. Use bins, bags, or boxes to hold things that you want to keep, donate, and throw away. Think carefully about what to keep. If you haven’t worn certain clothes or used other items in the past year, there is no need to hang on to them. Donate usable goods to a local non-profit and throw out anything that’s damaged or broken beyond repair.

Take Action Right Away

If you make a box of items to donate and then keep it in your house, you have only moved clutter somewhere else. Take your donation box to the car right away so that you’ll remember to drop it off next time you are out running errands. Any trash and recycling you’ve collected while decluttering can go to the outdoor bins for pick-up on the next trash day.

Clean Out the Area When You Declutter Your Home

Now that you have sorted through your items and gotten rid of things you don’t need, you are left with a bin of things you are keeping. Before putting these items away, clean out the empty space. Wipe down shelves, clear out cobwebs, and clean the floors. It’s a great opportunity to deep clean an area that is usually full of stuff, so take advantage of it.

Put Everything Back in Its Dedicated Spot

Make a strategy for putting everything back. If there is anything that does not belong in this particular space, set it aside to move it to the appropriate room. Group like-items together and sort them by how often you use them. Put frequently-used items in an easy-to-access area and place items that are only used occasionally out of the way.

Decluttering is not a one-and-done process. Over time, your home will accumulate more items and may require attention again. Repeat this process every few months and it will become easier every time.

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