Cooking out with friends and family is a fun way to spend time when gathering outdoors. After cooking, clean-up steps vary depending on your grill type. Here are some of the best ways to clean your grill to keep it in good condition and food tasting great. 

Gather the Right Supplies

There are a few tools every grill master needs for easy cleaning. Before you get started, gather:

  • scraper tool
  • grill brush made of wire or steel to clean the grate
  • degreaser or dish soap to cut through oil and grease
  • gloves to prevent your hands from getting dirty 

These tools make the cleaning process more manageable. When you clean the grill after each use, you’ll be ready to go the next time you cook outdoors.

Clean Your Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills are easy to maintain and clean. After heating the grill, use a wire grill brush to scrape the grate. Any stuck-on food or grease will be burned away or loosened by the flames. Use a damp rag to scrub soot and carbon from the grates before placing food there.

After cooking, wait for the grill to cool and dump the ash from the charcoal grill. For maximum safety, place ashes into a metal bucket with a lid and let them cool completely before disposing of them.

Gas Grills Require Extra Care

Gas grills are similar to charcoal, but you need to keep an eye on the grease tray or drip pan whenever you’re grilling. If the pan overflows, the entire grill will become saturated with oil and be more challenging to clean. Empty the pan frequently and replace it when necessary.

Clean the gas grill the same as you would a charcoal grill. Scrape the grates with a wire brush before grilling or close the lid and run it on the highest temperature setting for about 10 minutes to burn off food debris.

After cooking, allow the grill to cool completely. Check the burner covers that serve as a barrier between the burner and the cooktop. Also called flame tamers, this safety feature shields the burners from oil and grease that could cause a flare-up or grease fire.

If these covers have visible grease or debris, use a scouring pad and hot water mixed with dish soap to clean them. If the gas burner tubes are clogged, remove food and grease with a small wire paperclip.

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