When you’re building a brand new house, you can customize the property to suit your family’s needs. You expect all systems and components to be in great condition and hope home improvements won’t be needed for a long time. Because the house is newly built, your builder likely provided a one year warranty that covers defects and issues with the construction. Here are some reasons to order an 11th-month warranty inspection.

Most Warranties are Valid for One Year

A builder’s warranty is usually good for one year. Over the first year of living in your new home, you may notice that things aren’t perfect. Perhaps you’ve realized the handrail on the staircase is loose or the hot and cold taps are reversed in the guest bathroom. Maybe you’ve seen puddles in the yard where water is accumulating from poor drainage.

As the weather changes and your new home is exposed to hot and cool temperatures, you may notice other problems. Order an inspection in the 11th month so that the builder can make repairs before the warranty expires.

An 11th-Month Warranty Inspection Will Find Defects

You’ve noticed a few problems in the months you’ve been living in the home. Hire a professional inspector to make sure that issues are documented.

Brand new homes are rarely perfect. Your builder hires subcontractors and each contractor has a team of workers who are responsible for the construction of your house. It’s possible for defective materials or poor workmanship to go unnoticed during the process. The home inspector will find problems and safety concerns that need to be addressed while the home is still under warranty.

Prepare for a Future Sale with an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

Your family has only just moved into the new house so you’re not thinking ahead to when you may sell. However, it’s hard to know what the future holds. You may end up relocating to take a new job, or you may need a bigger house for your growing family. An 11th-month warranty inspection will help you prepare for that future sale.

When you do put your home on the market, the buyer will order a home inspection. Any issues found during that inspection will be your responsibility, even problems dating back to the original construction. You can save money in the long term by ordering the 11th-month inspection now while the warranty still covers repairs.

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